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Women's Health Resources

Below are courses I've put together along with my Amazon Storefront filled with commonly asked about women's health products and resources.

Also included are popular blog posts that are from my Instagram page @theconfidentkallah (in case you missed them)!

Girls growing up jewish girl puberty course

Jewish Girls Puberty Course

I developed this course for Jewish girls to learn about the changes their bodies are going through.

Comprehensive, Torah lifestyle appropriate, and easy to understand!

the confident kallah amazon storefront

Amazon Storefront

I complied a list of many women's health and general health products that I have personally used and recommend often to my patients.

Many of these products are helpful to anyone, but specifically for Jewish women as well!

the confident kallah blog

Blog Posts

Here I post some of the educational posts I write for @theconfidentkallah Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

If you missed them over there, you can check out all the great info right here!

Be in touch if you think of a topic you'd like to learn more about!

The Confident Kallah on social media

Instagram is the place where the educational side of Dr. Hellman's telehealth practice took off!

Join her here for some fun, silly, educational Reels and thoughtful, informative info posts.

Think of this as the place where she is having a running (entertaining) conversation with YOU about lots of different women's health topics, all with a Jewish spin.

the confiednt kallah instagram postpartum contraception
the confident kallah instagram sex ed in jewish schools
the confident kallah instagram busy doctor mom
the confident kallah instagram 5 things jewish obgyn won't judge
the confident kallah instagram explaining jewish family purity laws to your doctor

Click on any of the videos below and follow @theconfidentkallah on Instagram or Facebook!

(Make sure your sound is on)

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