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Dr. Elissa Hellman OBGYN Jewish womens health

At the Confident Kallah, our goal is to educate each patient and address their specific concerns.   Most of these involve cycle awareness, control, and regulation. 


Other common women's health issues are discussed including fertility, sexual health, and bleeding concerns.  As always, routine gynecologic issues can be addressed as well, including medication refills. 


After taking a complete history, below are examples of topics that may be covered at each type of visit.

Telehealth Services

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These are some examples of what may be addressed during a telehealth appointment with Dr. Hellman:



  • Plan cycle around wedding

  • Review female anatomy

  • Review fertility timing and potential

  • Sexual awareness education

  • Discuss contraceptive options (if desired)

  • Prescriptions, new or refills



  • Vacation planning around your cycle 

  • Postpartum niddah concerns

  • Sexual health and awareness education

  • Child spacing options

  • Fertility concerns

  • Discuss contraceptive options

  • Prescriptions, new or refills



  • Niddah concerns with irregular bleeding around menopause

  • Peri/menopause symptom treatment options

  • Sexual wellness concerns

  • Discuss contraceptive options when finished with childbearing

  • Prescriptions , new or refills

What patients are saying ...

Anonymous, NY

"Dr. Hellman was insightful, thoughtful and comforting. Her expertise, combined with her honest and gentle nature, create an atmosphere of total ease with asking questions."

M.B., CA

"As someone who doesn’t live in a Frum community it was so helpful to speak to an OBGYN who understands the halachic concerns I had regarding specific procedures. The virtual appointment process is simple and easy, Dr. Hellman is so relatable and knowledgeable! I am forever grateful that I have found her and for the device she offers. She’s a real pleasure to deal with, and will make you feel comfortable and at ease about your concerns!"

So how does telehealth work?

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